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1.  Tea Polyphenols and Prevention of Epigenetic Aberrations in Cancer
2.  DNA damage protecting activity and antioxidant potential of Launaea taraxacifolia leaves extract
3.  Perception of patient safety culture among health care providers in a tertiary care hospital, South India.
1.  Incidence and Pattern of Mandible Fractures in the Madinah region: A retrospective study
2.  Chest X-ray Findings Comparison between Multi-Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis and Drug-Sensitive Tuberculosis
3.  Pre Procedural Anxiety and Pain Perception following Root Surface Debridement in Chronic Periodontitis Patients
4.  Gingival tissue response following placement of a light cure dressing and a non-eugenol dressing after periodontal flap procedure: A comparative clinical study
5.  Periodontal Flap Surgery along with Vestibular deepening with Diode Laser to Increase Attached Gingiva in lower anterior teeth- A Prospective Clinical Study
6.  Clinico-epidemiological profile of Pediatric rheumatology disorders in Eastern India
7.  Assessment of quality of prescription writing among dental and medical students and practitioners in Kerala
8.  Evaluation of clinical and Magnetic Resonance Imaging profile of Pituitary Macroadenoma – A Prospective study.
9.  Urinary Cotinine Level in Indonesian Children Exposed to Domestic Cigarette Smoke
10.  In vitro H+/K+-ATPase inhibition, antiradical effects of a flavonoid-rich fraction of Dissotis rotundifolia and in silico PASS prediction of its isolated compounds
11.  Analgesic properties of Nigella sativa and Eucheuma cottonii extracts
12.  Assessment of vitamin D in rheumatoid arthritis and its correlation with disease activity
13.  The use of thromboelastography to measure the influence inclusion of a local anaesthetic agent has on the mechanical and kinetic properties of fibrin.
14.  Lung Diffusion Capacity Disorder in Indonesian Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and the Related Factors
1.  Hemisection as a Conservative Management of Grossly Carious Permanent Mandibular First Molar
2.  Management of complicated crown fracture by Reattachment using fiber post - ‘Minimal Intervention approach’: Case Report
3.  Unilateral transient watershed cerebral infarct in a 6-year-old girl with frequently relapsing nephrotic syndrome
1.  ‘Thanatophobia’- Physician’s perspective of dealing with patients with fear of death